Here We Go!

Howdy!  While I have owned since 2012, I have done very little with it.  Well, it’s getting a face lift and hopefully more frequently updated content.  I’m not sure what this site will be in a year, but here’s to finding out!

The site will be under construction for a bit, so expect the look to change and morph.  When I’m done, this will be a hub for my endless projects including 3D printing, microcontrollers (think Arduino),  and Odin knows what else.  For a bit of a sneak peak for my writing style and all that jazz, check out my Instructables page here:

Fox Robotics Logo Light

This post was published October 10, 2015 by Austin Steingrube.

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I'm an electrical and controls engineer with experience in C++, C#, Sequencer Programming (ie "Game Loop), a little bit of graphic design, 3D modeling, and bits and bobs of a lot of game design.

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