Make An Indicating Fuse Box!

Make An Indicating Fuse Box! 3D Printed Indicating Fuse Box BEHOLD! The indicating fuse box! Gone are the days that you must ask yourself, "Did the Earth stop spinning? Or did I just blow a fuse?!?" For eons, mankind has been stuck with boring fuse connections, BUT NO MORE!!! [...]

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Hacking a Brother Knitting Machine

I have to say, I love knitting, I love electronics, and I was elated to find that you could combine the two. After a bit of research, I found the AYAB project and dove in. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a lot of documentation when I embarked on this road a few years ago, [...]

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K40 Chinese Laser Upgrade Plans

Intro I did something bad....very very bad....I bought I Cheapo brand 40W Chinese laser off of Ebay. <gasp!> These machines are crap and leave a lot to be wanted. This post is somewhat of a brain-storming post as well as an upgrade path for me. I included A LOT of information in this post, and [...]

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New Content Soon!

Howdy! Time has been sparse the last few months due to my day job. I was driving something like 4 hours a day which ate into my creative time. As such, I haven't had the chance to do any fun engineering or programming projects for you to enjoy or secretly despise, heheh. I recently got [...]

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What Engineers Can Learn From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that combines video games with the real world. Instead of sitting on the couch with a controller in your hands, you have to walk around your neighborhood parks and beaches to find and catch creatures in the game. Once you've caught enough pokemon, you can power some of them [...]

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Increasing the Reliability of Your 3D Printer

3D printers are fun when they work but a royal pain in the rear when they don't. Heated nozzles jam, stepper motors skip a step, a layer delaminates, threaded rods can bind, the part unsticks from the printer bed, the belt tensioner breaks....the list goes on. This gets particularly frustrating when the print gets interrupted [...]

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