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Howdy! Time has been sparse the last few months due to my day job. I was driving something like 4 hours a day which ate into my creative time. As such, I haven't had the chance to do any fun engineering or programming projects for you to enjoy or secretly despise, heheh. I recently got [...]

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What Engineers Can Learn From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that combines video games with the real world. Instead of sitting on the couch with a controller in your hands, you have to walk around your neighborhood parks and beaches to find and catch creatures in the game. Once you've caught enough pokemon, you can power some of them [...]

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Stop Knocking The Boards

In recent years, the number of hobby microcontroller options has exploded exponentially. We went from a handful of (expensive) PIC and AVR boards to the Arduino family, the Teensy, Raspberry Pi line, Beaglebone, Particle family, the famous ESP8266, and endless other rather powerful and inexpensive consumer boards. What ties all of these together is for [...]

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