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Building robots that work takes a team of skilled and committed people. Software engineers, forklift operators, data labelers and many more all play critical roles in our success. We value our team and are committed to sharing Fox’s successes with them.


Charles has been building robots for 20 years. He’s worked on fab automation, self-driving cars, cloud robotics, self-driving lawn mowers, bipedal robots, bottle flipping and warehouse automation at Stanford, Bosch, Google, KUKA and now Fox. His passion is deploying useful robots into new fields and use cases.

Peter has worked in robotics innovation for over 10 years. He received an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University researching safety systems for collaborative industrial automation, and is a veteran of Google Research and Google X. At Fox Robotics he continues to work to build the next generation of industrial automation to make our workplaces more dynamic, safe, and productive.


At Fox we make robots that work.

We make robots that do useful work and that do it well. We make robots whose value is obvious and who can quickly pay for themselves.

We make robots that work because they are a human multiplier. They make it possible for us to do more with less. And doing more with less is really, really important. It is how we grow our economy, reduce environmental impacts, provide higher-paying jobs and fund social services.

We make robots that work because it will make life better.

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We are always looking for skilled and passionate people to join our team at Fox. Send us your resume at recruiting@foxbots.com or apply to our open positions:

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