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Trailer Unloading
Fox Robotics is the first to offer an automated forklift that can unload pallets from trailers to receiving docks. Fox takes a standard lift truck and adds sensors and software to enable self-driving with precise navigation and robust pallet picking and movement.

The unloader unloads over 30 pallets per hour and requires just a few minutes of operator attention for each trailer. With multiple unloaders a single operator can unload from 20 to 100 trailers per shift.

Self-driving Technology
Deep learning systems use on-board camera and LIDAR sensors to detect pallets, boxes and other obstacles in real time and enable the robot to pick and place pallets in trailers it’s seeing for the first time as well as receiving floors that change over time.

The unloader’s sensor and software guided planning provides flexible navigation in warehouses and trailers with precise position and speed control. Paths are predictable and adapt dynamically to avoid obstacles.

No IT or WMS integration is required for trailer unloading. One-time setup of a dock door to support unloading takes under 30 minutes.

Safe By Design
Our forklifts have 360° safety certified obstacle detection to prevent collisions. It is designed with modern safety standards for both forklifts and automated mobile robots. Manual operation is supported, allowing an operator to take direct control at any time.
Trailer Loading

We have an early version of trailer loading working at our facilities. Contact us if you are interested in an early pilot.

Put-away, cross-dock and everything else

Loading and unloading are just the start. Expect to see put-away, letdown, long-distance hauling, cross-dock, order picking, etc.…  We’re not going to stop until handle all the major tasks in a warehouse. Let us know what area you’re most interested in.

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